Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Holy Shit!

Well, this is it: i just purchased my one-way ticket to Glasgow, on the new airline Zoom. i've never flown with them before but surely they can't be any worse than Air Transat, can they?

i've also moved from a perpetual sense of anxiety to absolute hysterical nirvana - if such a thing exists. i can't believe that in little over a month, i will be on an overnight flight to my NEW home; a new country; a new city. Which got me thinking, i've moved around. A lot. The longest i ever lived in one place was seven years from the ages of 7-14. That may seem like a longtime to some but the majority of my friends have a "childhood" home which their parents still live in.

When i think of "childhood" homes, i think of three: the one on Barrett Boulevard in Napanee; the one on the outskirts of Kingston; and finally, the one in Belleville.

i'm not saying there was anything wrong with being moved around a lot as a child - in fact, i don't remember feeling too sad about it. Well, except when i was 5 and had to leave behind my best friend, Jasmine, in Napanee.

i'm saying that i'm a restless creature who likes adventure.

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