Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kelvingrove Art Museum

i am officially starting to get nervous now. i've begun questioning as to whether or not i will have sufficient funds for relocating and setting myself up in Scotland. Obviously i will and of course i will have to be frugal until i get a job but nevertheless, i'm still scared.

However, no one should panic (i.e. MOTHER), because i will be absolutely fine. You know, if i had never lived in Glasgow before, i would be absolutely terrified but i have the advantage of being familiar with the city. Also, i have my old NHS card (the UK version of OHIP) although i'm not too certain if i'm still covered. i suppose i should find out. Also, i remember the GP that i was set up with, as being quite old so for all i know he could have died by now.

Nevertheless, i've already started looking at apartments (flats) online (, and i am so excited by the prospect of living in a traditional tenenment in the west end (hopefully, anyway). Yes, those drafty old flats beckon me from my cozy, warm, and dry comforts of modern living.

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