Thursday, February 09, 2006

My old neighbourhood

My old neighbourhood
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i still have about seven weeks until my date of departure for greener pastures, but already i am having trouble sleeping; mainly due to anxiety and excitement. It seems like i still have so much to do: get an international driving permit, taxes, move my stuff into storage, and do all the things i always meant to while living in Toronto. All those activities that you take for granted when living in Toronto, like getting drunk out of your mind at The Matador (ok, i have done that) or getting dressed in your best pleather and hitting up The Vatican. You know, all those essential Toronto experiences.

Toronto, you ol' gal, you've been kind to me but the truth is, there was someone before you. Someone i haven't been able to shake since running into your cushiony metropolis five years ago. Yes, it's true: i had a love before you and i swore that i would return to her green landscapes and curry take-aways. i've never forgotten Glasgow, and it's time that i stayed true to my word.

So, Toronto, i will always love you and you'll always be my second home and i will defend you to my death. For now, however, i have to further explore this perverse love i have for Glasgow. Some may say it's undeserved, but those motherfuckers have never strolled down Great Western Road, past BBC Scotland and used book stores on a lazy sunday. And that Toronto, is pure dead brilliant.


Anonymous said...

I am the mother, watching with awe and anxiety as my sweet babe gets ready to go to Scotland
I honour her decision and love her to bits, she is now and always will be my bright and shinning daugher, no matter how far away she is

Jennifer said...

MOM! Ohmigawd!

Bobbyd said...

Joy .. your such a NANOBABY !