Friday, March 17, 2006

A Fag and His Hag

A Fag and His Hag
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i have known Bob (a.k.a. Bombo/Cha Cha/Boi Boi/Cocobaby/Bitter Queen) for about 19 years now. He's been the main man in my life for a good portion of it and needless to say, it's going to be extremely difficult living without him near me.

This past Monday evening, Bob was once again my official date to the 26th Annual Genie Awards (Canadian film awards). Going over the pictures from the evening, i started getting sad at the idea that we will be separated by an ocean and 5 hours. For the time being, i take it for granted that i can call Bob any time of the day (which i often do), and make plans with him for that very evening.

i know that there is no one on this planet with whom i have this much history and who can still make me laugh until i scream. There is no one else that i can be so open and raw with like my Bombo.

And yet, here i am, about to leave my greatest best friend for some random and strange country that i dream of. However, i'm pretty certain that one day i will return to Canada. i know this because as long as my Bombo is in Canada, i will return to be closer to him.

Bombo, i wish i could quit you!

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Bobbyd said...

Awww , thats sooo sweet cocobay , its too bad i am a robot , and I do not have any feelings(just kidding)

I will miss our bitch fests , and our sudden arrangements, and grossing you out with my veil Mediterranean farts.

Btw ... if your going to miss me so much ? why the fuck are you leaving ???