Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is me then, as the Glaswegians say.

i'm in Glasgow.

Currently, i am at the Hillhead library in the west end scouting out jobs and apartments.

Going through immigration was a breeze. i was all prepared with my documents and proof of cash and such, and the dude looked at my passport and asked how long i was staying.

"Four years. i think", i replied.

He stamped my Ancestry Visa and waved me in.

"That's it?!" i asked.

"Unless you want to stand here and chat with me, yes"

Sassy motherfucking Scot.

Anyway, back to getting a job, apartment, life, and such.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your calls!
Glad to know that you arrive safe and the immigration part was a breeze!
I have class on Friday morning
Where are you staying?
How long will you be there (place where you are staying)
Are you OK???
Love Mom

Bobbyd said...

Who's cell phone are you text messenging me from ? What movies did they screen on the flight ? Did they feed you on flight ?

Did you pass out on the flight and leave your mouth hanging open for someone to put a timbit in ?

Anonymous said...

That guy sounds awesome! I love the sassiness.