Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Things I miss Already:

-Tim Hortons large double-double coffee
-Tim Hortons English Toffee cappuccino
-Instant Cream of Wheat
-Alfredo sauce at the grocery store (FYI: does not exist here)
-Friends, family, and local crazies in Parkdale
-Bacchus Rotis in Parkdale!!!
-Mitzi's Sister in Parkdale
-Dry and warm apartments
-Wasting energy (kidding!)

Things I Already love:

-The abundance of chocolate and sweets!
-Kind people who have offered me help despite hardly knowing me
-Glaswegians who call me, "love"
-Irn Bru (of course)

Things That Already Annoy Me:

-No recycling (?!)
-People assuming that i am some student looking for menial jobs inbetween my travels. DUDES! i have emigrated here! Give me a REAL job.
-Lack of proper heating inside buildings
-No alfredo sauce? What the fuck...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"-Dry and warm apartments"

I had a spastic vision moment and I thought it said "Dry and warm armpits"... To which I thought.. no deoderant in Scotland?