Saturday, May 13, 2006

Glasgow has been oddly warm and sunny for the past few days now. Does it mean i have fully assimilated when i remark how strange it is to not see a cloud in the sky? Not that it really matters as i am no longer on an extended vacation; i am now a fully-employed lass with a National Insurance Number and bank account.

My first week at work has been great; the people are very nice and the office is quite young. As well, i have been taken around to some of the venues that we own and it's quite exciting and interesting. However, there is a fair amount to take in so i have been taking lots of notes and trying to wrap my little Canadian head around how Scotland is run and such things.

i have to admit that i have been somewhat homesick. i really miss my friends, family, and Toronto. My friend came 'round the other night (rightly fearing that i might be homesick) and sucessfully attempted to cheer me up. He pointed out all the positives of moving to Glasgow, and how i made the right decision. However, it's not an issue of it being a "right or wrong decision"; it's a matter of me just being homesick for friends, family and the wonderful city of Toronto. It's not too bad when i am busy at work but since i do not have a television or the internet at home (yet), i am left with little to do but ponder what all my friends and family are doing back home. No wonder immigrants are hard workers: who wants to be left with idle hands and a busy mind thinking of loved ones left behind?

Also, i have to start thinking of Scotland as my "home" - for now, anyway.

It's funny: i was thinking the other day (while shopping at Tescos - brilliant grocery store, by the way. Dirt cheap), how mouth-breathing morons often tell immigrants (or 2nd/3rd generation Canadians/Britians) to "go home" or to "go back" from where they came from. And i realised, that's exactly what i've done!

Some of these racist BNP-voting fuckers often complain about immigrants taking their jobs and telling us bloody foreigners to go home. And yet: this is our ancestral land for a lot of us foreigners. How very odd, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Babe
So grateful to have this blog to keep up to date with how you are, homesick and all! We moved Friday and we are beat~ tired, sore et al. but WE LOVE IT HERE! The place is large, roomy, airy and right on the water. I love being able to go to the store and be home in 10 minutes, rather than 45 or 50 minutes when we lived so far out. We LOVE YOU! Be happy, be safe, take care, love and kisses
M and D