Friday, May 19, 2006

i got an early birthday present yesterday: Conjunctivitis! It's like summer camp all over - without the sun and summer!

i had to wear my glasses to work today rather than my favoured contacts, and someone remarked that i looked like a porn star. i always thought i looked a bit like a lesbian in these frames.

After work yesterday, i went to the Optometrist to get my eye looked at. Did you know that Optometrists are not considered doctors here? i told my young and cute Optometrist that he should move to Canada in order to get his proper doctor title. Since he's not a doctor, he couldn't write me a prescription. Nevertheless, he advised me to go to a pharmecy and get some Optrex for Infected Eyes. Since it was 7:30pm and EVERYTHING closes at either 5pm or 8pm in downtown, i rushed to Boots to get the drops. i ran into the pharmecy and looked around for the drops. A pharmacist came and offered her help. It turns out that they keep the eye drops behind the counter - even though you don't need a prescritpion for them. The pharmacist proceeded to interrogate me about my health and eye infection. What the hell, lady?! It's 8pm, i'm starving and in high heels. JUST GIVE ME MY FUCKING DROPS!

It turns out, the British keep almost everything behind the counter EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T NEED A PRESCRIPTION! Why?! According to the lovely pharmacist, it is because some of the medication might interfere with other medication that i might be on.

Two points:

1. i've already been to see a doctor; he KNOWS what i am one and therefore i KNOW i'm ok to take fucking eye drops.

2. i am capable of making decisions for myself. So please, give me my drops before my eye explodes!

Europe, you're fucking slaying me here with all your taxes, rules, and bureaucracy.


Anonymous said...

Pook this is just so awful- I am sorry about your eye!! Hope you feel better soon- love you to bits

Bobbyd said...

I had pink eye once when i was working at Starbucks (Sick Kids Location), i had to go to get an Rx for drops.

The doc at the clinic was some HOT BEEFY FRAT guy ...