Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lemon curd is brilliant.

i think it's available in Canada - if not, it should be. What a way to spend a lazy Sunday: a run in the morning, followed by lemon curd on toast with tea and flipping through The Independent. i sound like i am 60.

Another brilliant recent discovery? Russell Brand Sunday mornings on BBC6. Holy shit, people, you gotta listen to this show. Maybe it's just my bizarre sense of humour, but i find myself laughing out loud. Russell Brand, you make me wee a little while i laugh at your show!

i haven't been doing too much - mainly just waiting until payday rolls around. i haven't been doing much mainly because i can't afford to anything else. Who knew that those on salary in the UK only get paid monthly? i just assumed that it was like Canada and people were paid every two weeks.

That's assumption for you.

i am still living without the internet and tv at my flat. i've done a lot of reading in the meantime. Again, i cannot wait until payday so i can set aside some money for internet connections and the new Apple Macbook. Honestly, how beautiful are they? Need i mention that my birthday is this Monday...?

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