Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So, i got a new job and start on Monday.

It's a three month contract at the Scottish Opera and i'm looking forward to it as it is within the fine arts and cultural sector and to be quite honest, i feel more at ease working in such environments. Although three months isn't a long time, i think that if i am still feeling as homesick as i am just now, i might come home.

i have been trying to distract myself from feeling homesick but it only seems amplified by actions. For example, Monday night i went out to dinner at what is hailed as the "best Greek restaurant in Glasgow". If it's the best Greek in town, then it is truely a sad state of affairs. As other patrons happily munched away on their wilted and bland food, i longed for the fresh dishes prepared with pride on Toronto's Danforth.

i've come to conclude that Glaswegians just don't know any better and that British food standards are not on par with Torontonians. Either that or i'm a food snob. But how can i be a food snob when you just assume that Calamari comes with Tzatziki?! That's just logic. i mean, what Greek restaurant serves greasy Calamari without Tzatziki?! And since when is Saganaki served in tomato sauce?! Such horrors are just another day at Glasgow's finest.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, the food situation over there is utterly appalling! Saganaki in tomato sauce? Calamari without tzatziki? What is this world coming too? For those reasons alone you should come back to Toronto! Honey you only live once and the longer you stay in Glasgow the longer you will be missing out on some killer grub back home! Even Gabby's on King Street sounds more appetizing than the places you've been to over there! LOL Poor you!! P.S. Congrats on the new job! Sounds cool. Tootles, Angie :-)

Bobbyd said...

Boi Boi is going to the Danforth tommrow!!!