Friday, June 02, 2006

Things are mental here.

It seems that every other day someone somewhere in the UK is getting stabbed. Particularily in Glasgow. In fact, Glasgow is the leading city in Western Europe when it comes to murders - and yes, that is including Paris and London.

If it's not some underage teenager on a drunken rampage due to Buckfast, then it's some latest Terrorist threat. Mind you, i don't feel concern for my safety when it comes to terrorism; i'm more concerned about the group of neds drinking outside the Off License shop down the street from my flat.

Although i lived in Parkdale, Toronto for many years and i saw my share of sketchy people, i never felt as concerned for my safety as i do in some parts of Glasgow. Toronto may have dodgy people but for the most part, they are only a harm to themselves. In Glasgow, and i am not certain as to why, but the majority of dodgy people want to do harm to others. It's not a complete night out until everyone gets drunk and/or stoned and someone gets the shit beat out of them.

Why are Glaswegians so destructive? Not only to themselves but to others?

It appears to me, an outsider, that they have little respect for themselves and others but how did they get this way? And why is it so rampant? i'm not saying that poverty and anti-social behaviour necessarily go hand-in-hand but why are so many individuals who live under a certain profit margin so quick to down some bucky and go fucking nuts?

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STAG said...

Why did you discover "Trainspotting" to be an accurate depiction of Scottish life?