Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i celebrated Canada Day in the typical mundane Toronto way: i went to see a film.

Being a Canadian living overseas really puts my home country in perspective, i think. i suppose i am like any other Canadian-born Canadian; living life in Canada without fully appreciating it. Maybe it's because i had never lived anywhere else and had to pay almost £1.00 for a litre of petrol (gas) or had to pay out of my nose for electricity. We really do have it good in Canada.

i love that Canadians - Torontonians in particular - are hyper aware of personal space; i love how Canadians almost always apologise when they bump into you; i love how Canadians are understated; i love how tolerant and non-violent we are. Obviously i've painted Canada with sweeping generalisations but for the most part, it would appear true.

Another obvious difference between Glasgow and Toronto is the bus drivers. The bus drivers here are fucking mad. It is no hyperbole when i say that they fly around the narrow streets like a bat out of hell. i've been on buses and feared for little old ladies because the bus drivers seem to throw caution to the wind and when little old ladies board the bus, it's just further enjoyment to see them being bashed about for the perverse drivers.

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