Monday, October 30, 2006

Although this past weekend was somewhat shitty, I did manage to get out and see Red Road, which opened on Friday.

The film was good although the ending was a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed the film - despite its bleakness. Why is it that a lot of Scottish films are so utterly depressing and portray Glasgow to be such a sad and desperate place?

My English friend, Anna (who recently moved to Glasgow as well), is tired of us both whining about the lack of Scottish/British men that we fancy and/or that fancy us. As such, she has signed us up to an on-line dating website. To be honest, I'm a bit reluctant and can't be that bothered to write about why someone should "pick" me or get to know me. I mean, I'm neurotic enough as it is; now I have to post my mug all over the internet and try to convince someone to ask me out? Whatever happened to the organic process of being chatted up at a bar or grocery store? Or meeting dudes through friends and friends of friends?! I suppose you can buy a car off eBay now so why not find a girlfriend on-line too?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Glasgow, Govan: Science Centre

Reason #107 Why I Love Glasgow: the bizarre architecture.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My Canadian Thanksgiving feast was a hit! With a little help and guidance from my mom - via emails - i managed to cook Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday for myself and five of my lucky British friends.

On the menu was turkey, ham, a vegetarian roast made from tofu, various veggies and for dessert: two homemade pies. The first pie was pumpkin and since canned pumpkin is scarce in these parts, i had to go to a wee shop down the road that imports American crap. The second homemade pie was maple syrup made from Canadian maple syrup from my home region of Napanee.

i also started my new job this week at Glasgow University and was told that i have £150 that i can use towards a "learning allowance". Maybe i should take a French course or introduction to Gaelic?

Although the weather today is shite (rain, rain, rain, and more grey rain), the weather has been lovely lately. Crisp air and the leaves have changed colours. With such lovely days, i sometimes manage to forget about Toronto for a few hours. Although i have started looking at flights for my trip back home in December. Bloody hell, i hope the prices on Zoom/ Air Transat come down closer to my return date of December 21st. i have also started making a hit list of all the things i need to do once i return to Canada:

1. Shop for clothes at stores which are not available in the UK (practically every slapper in this city is a clone). People are cloth-a-holics here and take shopping to a new level. i honestly don't understand how people can blow loads on their outfits and pay rent in this city. Am i missing something here? As well, women all buy the same shit. i have a jacket from H&M that i bought in Canada and i swear, i have seen two other bitches wearing the same jacket. It drives me nuts.
2. Stock up on cheap (read: Canadian dollars) beauty essentials: anti-wrinkle cream (WHATEVER! You use it too!!!), face cream, contact solution, and make-up.

3. Stock up on Canadian essentials: Tim Horton's coffee, ju jubes, junk food, and whatever else i deem essential and cannot live without whilst purusing the aisles of Loblaws.


5. See friends and family.


7. Bacchus roti in Parkdale for their special roti with cheese, spinach, and shrimp. Medium hot, yo.

8. Shop for cheap books.

9. Rummage around my Nanny's basement for winter clothes and snowboarding gear to take back to Glasgow.

10. Run around Toronto like a maniac in a last minute attempt to see friends and eat myself to an early grave.

Friday, October 06, 2006

i think i have had more jobs in the past six months than i have had in the last six years.

Since moving to Glasgow, i have worked as a coffee slinger at a cafe; a personal assistant to one of the richest people in Glasgow; an assistant at the Opera; shadowed a journalist at Scottish Television; a temporary Orchestral Administrator at RSAMD; and on Monday i will be starting a new job at Glasgow University.

The new job at Glasgow University is out of my field of work (and study) but since the gig is only a six month contract and quite well paid, i swallowed my pride and accepted it. If only for the sweet dosh and the overwhelming student loans i have back in Canada.

As well, since this Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, i will be making my first ever Thanksgiving meal on Saturday evening to celebrate. i'm cheating, however, and buying a hunk of Turkey, ready for the oven, from Marks and Spencers since i have never cooked meat in my life. i will be making my Nanny's famous stuffing, squash, various veggies, and pumpkin pie. It should all be quite expiremental cooking with foreign ingredients and having to convert measuring devices.

Since having such varied jobs, i suppose i have become much more cultured - if only through osmosis and peer pressure. Unfortunately, i now know the inner workings of operas and could critique the various music of Strauss. i'm not too interested in the opera, you see, and i wish that i could imitate the enthusiasm of some of my opera-going friends who were envious of my job. Although i enjoy classical music and yes, opera, going to high school in a small town leaves you with little musical options.

You were either a country music-lovin' hick, a headbanger, or just plain weird and into everything else apart from the former. The majority of my fellow Napanee peeps fall into the country-lovin', truck-driving, Giant Tiger shoppin' plebians. Not that i am bitter or anything.