Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brel: One of my favourite joints in Glasgow because they have Belgian mussels, frites and beer

i have booked my flight home for Christmas and should be back in glorious Toronto for December 20th! i am looking forward to seeing family and friends and eating at all of my favourite places once again. It's going to be strange; i don't think that i have ever been away from Canada this long - even when i was a student over here, i still managed to get home a lot more (by the way, long distance relationships suck). i haven't been in Canada for 8 months now and i hate to admit it, but i think i have completely adjusted to Scottish life.

i look the right way when crossing the streets; i can navigate round abouts; i can (almost) understand the locals (if they speak slow enough); i drink Irn Bru instead of Coke or Pepsi; i pay my council tax and begrudge Glasgow Council for it; i watch football; i'm no longer confused when i wake up in the mornings now and it is still pitch-black outside; i drink tea in place of coffee (but still miss a Tim Hortons double double); and i watch and listen to the BBC. Don't get me wrong: Glasgow still kills me with its lack of recycling and weird men but for the most part, i'm loving it here.

i do miss snow though. And i fucking hate the rain!

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Anonymous said...

Tim Hortons has gone downhill since they sold out to the Americans.

No loss. Go for a capaccino in Cabbagetown.

Or drop into Ottawa, and I'll take you on a skate on the Canal, or a trip up the peace tower.

(For some reason, the password doesn't work for me. Go figure! Or drop into my