Friday, November 03, 2006

It's times like this that make me want to go home to Toronto.

A couple days ago i was meant to have a "date" with an affable-appearing chap from the dating site that my friend and i signed up to. And so during my lunch break i headed over to the restaurant we had arranged to meet up.

...five minutes passed...and then ten...and finally my table was ready and so, i told the waitress it was only for one person now.

i sent a text asking if i was being stood up. No response. i took it as a "yes" then.

And so, at the moment, i pretty much hate men. What a gender of disappointment.

Yesterday morning, my best friend of 20 years emailed me to tell me his father passed away that morning. So, all in all, i pretty much want to be with him in Canada right now.

At least it hasn't rained in Glasgow for the last couple days...

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