Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh, Greggs: purveyors of sticky Belgian Buns and Yum Yums, i love you.

i resisted you, at first, because i thought that like every other food joint in this country, you would be bad for my health. Well, ok, you are but in the end, you're worth it! Worth it because you provide me with raisin buns slathered in icing sugar for only 40p! Hot damn, Greggs! No wonder all the students and construction workers love you. Empty sugary calories for less than a quid!

Although nothing can replace the love I have for my first bakery joint - Tim Hortons. What i would give to be able to enjoy a medium double-double and belgian bun sitting in the botanic gardens, surrounded by Canadians. If there is a heaven, that's it.

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