Tuesday, December 05, 2006


i ended up going to the hospital last night after work and the doctor prescribed the usual: get lots of rest, avoid strenuous activities for a while, and the obvious: stop falling down drunk with rugby players on top of me. After a good night's sleep, i do feel better although i did wake up (again) last night at around 5am due to a sore neck and head.

Not only was this past weekend quite humbling, but also totally mental weather wise. All day Sunday, it was like a hurricane/typhoon/end of the world. Unfortunately i had to venture out to pay some bills and buy some food and i swear, i was almost blown over by the gale force winds and in the 10 minutes it took me to walk to my destination, i was completely drenched. Utterly soaking. The rain did not stop all day or all night and yesterday morning (monday), it was STILL raining and the wind was out of control.

No wonder these people drink like they do.


Gordon said...

LOL. Welcome to Scotland!

It's not ALWAYS this damp... honest..

Colin Campbell said...

I have many memories of similar days in my distant past. I have not been soaked and freezing anywhere else in the world. That said, the only other place that I can remember that soaking rain was in the Philippines during the monsoon season, but it was 30 degrees.