Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas was good; had the traditional white trash marshmallow salad (pictured above), which i LOVE and have missed and of course, had the annual fight with my step family. Why break tradition, right?

It was nice to see my Mom although it was too brief of a visit. i wish i could have stayed with her longer but she is a busy lady and i tend to drive her nuts after four days. So, i am back in Toronto, staying with my gay boyfriend, Bitter Queen, and we have been busy hitting the town and eating our way across Toronto.

Ok, so i totally have been craving for some decent and cheap sushi/sashimi for about 10 months now. Glasgow has yet to get on the whole sushi train. Yes, Marks and Spencer sell "sushi" but really, it's just some veggies, rice, and maybe some smoked salmon. Sushi, to me, is all about a big bowl of raw fish, gross bbq eel, and taking your chances with your bowels when eating it. Photographic evidence of the plethora of raw fish that was consumed below:

My big bowl of raw fish
Tucking in to the raw fish and hoping that my gut doesn't regret it...

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