Monday, December 04, 2006


With the little dignity that remains after this weekend, i will try to recount the events without going into too much detail (for the sake of my own sanity and my Mom's).

Friday night i went out with some friends for a drink and received a text from this guy i had meet last weekend and been out with a couple times. He was just down the road at another pub with friends and invited me to join him. So, i did. Now, please bear in mind that for the last 9 years of my legal drinking life, i did not really drink. When people tell you that you will end up drinking a lot more when moving to the UK - believe it. In Canada, people do coffee; In the UK, people don't do drinks but rather, the booze does them. Basically, British people are genetically superior when it comes to alcohol consumption and i wouldn't be surprised if lager ran through their veins instead of blood.

Anyway, i ended up meeting this guy and his friends for some drinks. Long story short: if i remember correctly, i think we were leaning into kiss and somehow we lost our balance and i ended up smacking my head on the concrete floor with my ex-rugby player date on top of me.

Blood was everywhere; i was mortified and started flipping out. People came running over to help but i was trying to tell them i was alright. i think i started yelling at my date to leave me alone and that i was going home. Concerned that i was seriously injured, he insisted on taking me to my flat. He quickly sobered up and got me into my shower. i think i started crying because there was blood everywhere and i HATE the sight of blood.

Yes, i probably should have gone to the hospital but anyone who knows me, knows that i am a spaz and ESPECIALLY a spaz when confronted with hospitals and needles; the thought of stitches in my scalp is too much.

So, i'm currently suffering from wounded pride and some post-concussion symptoms. i think, for now, i am going to stop trying to keep up with my genetically superior British friends when it comes to the sauce.

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