Monday, December 18, 2006

This is a great BBC documentary i found on YouTube. Be sure to watch all 5 parts; very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent documentary. The title surprised me since I never regarded Rangers/Celtic strife as a secret. Maybe the difference is that it is increasingly regarded as shameful. Now that would be progress.

As someone raised a Celtic supporter outside of Scotland, I can remember my shock at the violence and hatred I saw at my first match at Parkhead when a nine-year-old.

I'm proud to report that while my family is staunchly orthodox Catholic and of mostly Irish stock of recent vintage, we have always been viscerally opposed to the IRA and anything to do with it.

But then tribalism has a lot more to do with bigotry these days than religion. My experience tells me that Scotland is simply a far less religious place than it was when my parents grew up. I doubt you'd see a correlation between church-going and football-related violence.

Great post.