Thursday, December 14, 2006

Walking to work this morning - another grey, windy, and wet day. i know this photo looks like it was taken at night but it was actually taken at around 8.45am this morning.

It is Oran Mor - which used to be a church but is now a more applicable House of Worship: it is a pub and club. It is also the infamous joint in which i fell over backwards and cracked my head on the concrete floor.

Yesterday i took the afternoon off of work to do some Christmas shopping. Not only was it crazy busy in the shopping centre, but the weather was also mental. Buckets of rain were pouring down and umbrellas were useless because the wind was hurricane-like. There is flooding across parts of Scotland. What i would give for just a spot of snow...

Anyway, after shopping in the crowds and tempestuous weather, i was pretty close to loosing it. i got back to my flat, exhausted, soaking wet, and freezing. If i were a drinker (har har!) i could have used a shot of whiskey.

Last night, after shopping in a monsoon and freezing in my flat. Look, Ma! i'm totally sober too! Oh, by the way: if people in Western Scotland are reading this, i'm not Catholic so don't bother sending me hatemail, ok? cool. thanks.

Speaking of sectarianism, yesterday Glasgow played host to a summit on how to end religious bigotry - and not a moment too soon either; this Sunday is an Old Firm game. That is, Rangers and Celtic are playing against each other in Glasgow. Canadians: in case you are confused, i briefly mentioned what this means in this post. i have yet to watch an Old Firm match outside the safety of my "regular" pub (i.e. where the people are cool and everyone knows your name) but this Sunday, apparently i will be watching the match with friends (and Celtic supporters) and as such, pubs must be chosen wisely.

i have to say, this whole religious friction thing is totally weird and foreign to me. i'm not trying to come off as superior and/or more enlightened than my fellow Glaswegians, but i'm more used to trying to avoid annoying hipsters/yuppies in Toronto, that were "slumming" it in the wilds of newly gentrified Parkdale - those were my only concerns before heading out to drink in Canada. Laughing at the Yorkville yuppies in the Drake as they snorted lines of coke off their 7 jeans, tettering on their Jimmy Choo boots. Oh, how innocent it all was...

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Be afraid, be very afraid ;)