Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Really Need To Stop and Think About What I Say Before I Say It - Edition #1,256

Scene: Last night at dinner, on a date with a cute engineer (whom i met last weekend).

Him: "Soooooo, do you have any children?"
Me: "Yeah, right. i sold them on ebay before i re-located to Scotland."
Him: "Well, you never know; you're 27, right?"
Me: "Exactly! I'm 27! Can you imagine?! Me? With a baby?!"
Him: "...."
Me: "Do you?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "No, you don't!"
Him: "I do."
Me: "Get out!"
Him, pulling out his wallet and producing a picture: "This is _________; she's two."
Me: "You have a kid?!!" (pause) "Oh, cool."

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