Monday, January 08, 2007

i went to one of the best parties i've ever been to this past weekend - an engagement party for Mike and Erica (pictured above), that was held at their flat in the Southside. Seriously. Best party ever. Just a quick recap: saw people from university - people i had not seen in about seven years (?!); shared some yummy Canadian icewine with Mike and Erica; danced to Britney Spears in the kitchen; heard one of the funniest sayings i have heard in years ("ball deep"); got sprayed/showered with champagne; and ate some yummy Scottish salmon. And yet (!) i somehow ended up at one the sketchiest clubs on the southside namely, THE SHED. i nearly keeled over because my feet were sticking so badly to the floor. i also forgot that there are some totally trashy people in this town. And they like to hang out at The Shed.

Ok. Honestly. It was pretty fucking awesome. My friend, Anna, and i walked over just before 1am and managed to get in. The floor was sticky, the club was populated by mouth-breathers, and it was hot inside. However, Anna and i totally rocked out to crap British pop music that i had never heard of before (Take That, for example); sometimes you just gotta rock out, ya know? Best. Weekend. Ever.

Next engagement party that i predict? Matt and Lauren's (pictured above, kissing). FYI, MOM: Lauren is my friend from Glasgow University that lived in Toronto for a year. 'Cause i know you like the gossip and all. Oh, and Mom, i only had 2 glasses of wine (and a Bacardi Breezer at the club because it was THAT kinda place, if you know what what i mean). TOTALLY SOBER! Who is your number one (and only) daughter?!

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