Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogging is, for the most part, an anonymous process. Someone, somewhere posts something without giving too much thought into their audience and who exactly is reading it. i, however, know (for the most part) who is reading my blog: mainly family, friends and a couple of random people who might have stumbled upon my delirious rantings and ravings while googling "haggis in Toronto". As such there is a certain amount of self-censorship i employ when posting. Nothing too terrible, mind you; usually just elements or events that aren't essential to the story and are best left out. For example, no one wants to hear about the time i puked up red wine all over my white t-shirt and into Laurie's sink. Besides, it would just further my Mum's suspicion that i am a budding alcoholic. And if i were to post every minor detail and actions, y'all might think that i was gallivanting about the city six nights a week, three sheets to the wind. Which, ok, is true.

And so, it might appear - based on this blog - that i am a bitter single alcoholic.

i would like to say that i use a healthy dose of hyperbole to entertain but alas, it is all true. The only aspect is that i am not bitter about dudes in this country. Maybe i'm an eternal optimist or maybe i'm just that stupid - who knows? i just know that for every coke head fart blamer i get to meet, i'm delighted because it's MORE tales to write home about. Besides, i'm sure there are loads of coke head fart blamers in Toronto - they're called Bay Street lawyers.

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