Monday, February 19, 2007

i'm not sure how many brain cells i killed this past weekend; all i know is that yesterday afternoon i had trouble forming a coherent sentence. From the lack of sleep, alcohol consumption (not actually a lot, mind you), and the loud thumping music from the club on Saturday night, i feel like my IQ dropped about 10 points.

It all started Thursday night. i met up with a cute boy who is currently finishing up his last year in the Graduate Law programme for advice, insight, and opinion. He was helpful, encouraging and worse - cute. After closing out the fashionable bar we were at, we shuffled off to some dingy Irish pub on Sauchiehall Street where we were greeted with drunk old geezers singing IRA songs.

i struggled through Friday feeling exhausted and slightly hung over. Don't be jealous.

Friday evening Anna, Tim and myself went to the Glasgow Film Festival to see Congorama and afterwards headed out for a pint to discuss the merits of pop music circa 1991. Conclusion: Primal Scream's Screamadelica is still a fucking amazing album and one of the rare albums that can still be listened to from beginning to end.

Saturday evening myself and 8 of my friends headed out for dinner, drinks, and clubbing under the guise of celebrating my entry into law school - as well as the new job. Dinner was at one of my favourite restaurants in the west end - Stravaigin - where i am quickly becoming a regular. Had the usual dish of mussels and chips with mayo. After dinner and drinks, we headed out to a new club that recently opened but were turned away as the boys were wearing trainers. Bollocks. Ended up going to another club and ripping up the dance floor with our smooth moves.

Sunday afternoon Miriam (a fellow Canadian) and i woke up and headed out to North Star Cafe, located in my 'hood of North Kelvinside. After a yummy breakfast of french toast and REAL maple syrup (!), i rushed off to meet cute lawyer boy as we were meant to see a heavy-hitting film at the festival. However, since it was a gorgeous day out (sunny, warm, and not a cloud in the sky), we chucked the idea and went for a walk. Stopping off for a gin and tonic, of course, at a local pub. Afterwards, we continued walking through Kelvingrove Park and stopped off for some coffee at Costa Coffee.

i then proceeded to have the longest date ever as we then headed for dinner. At Stravaigin. i'm almost ashamed as to how often i eat/hang out there - almost. But not quite. Best. chips. ever!

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