Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is Ryan Malcolm - Sorry, it's the NEW Ryan Malcolm, not that weird waiter dude that "won" the first-ever Canadian Idol.

From time to time, i like to read the Canadian newspapers online to see what is happening in my homeland and chuckle at the naval-gazing that is so typical Torontonian. And so, reading the Globe and Mail today, I had almost forgotten all about this dude except RYAN MALCOLM USED TO HAVE A LOCKER BESIDE MINE AT NAPANEE DISTRICT SECONDARY SCHOOL! And OHMYGOD! i once went on this high school art class trip to New York City with my friend, Meagan, and she TOTALLY crushed on Ryan's older brother, Shaun, but alas, they could never be together because Shaun was (is?) a Jehovah's Witness. High school drama, y'all. By the way, does that mean Ryan's one too?

Anyway, dude - what the fuck happened to your hair? Girl, get yourself down to Coupe Bizarre for a proper cut!

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