Friday, March 09, 2007

Commonwealth Drama!

An update from yesterday's post about the 2014 Commonwealth Games: Halifax has pulled out of the bid!

Michael Cooper, chief executive officer of the CGF, said Dr Andrew Pipe, president of Commonwealth Games Canada, had called him to withdraw from the race. He said: "He said he was astonished at the decision. It's deeply disappointing for the people of Canada.

And you know what? It is disappointing as a Canadian, kind of like when Toronto lost the Olympic bid for the 2008 summer games. Living in Toronto at the time, i think i was in the minority because i wanted Toronto to win the bid; the majority of Torontonians were against the bid which is just so fucking Torontonian - we're above all that, you see. Besides, we wouldn't be able to find parking if the Olympics came to town.

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