Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand

Glasgow University

As some of you already know, i was recently accepted into the Graduate law programme at both the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde University, here in Glasgow. i also applied to two other universities (Caledonia and Edinburgh) because i had the option to but i really just wanted to get into Glasgow and Strathclyde (the two best, in my opinion).

i know that the revelation that i want to be a lawyer will be a shock to most people that know me. However, don't get your Prada panties in a bunch: i still haven't accepted either offer because well, i still don't know yet. You see, like a lot of aimless graduates, i flirted with the idea of law school for many years but i never did anything about it. i was too scared of committing to the idea and then not getting in. This past New Year's, however, i thought "fuck it, i'm just going to apply" and so, at the very last minute, i somehow managed to get my application together along with an academic reference from University of Toronto.

i didn't tell anyone except my Mom and Anna. To be honest, i really didn't think i would get in. My marks from university were decent enough but i thought that my personal statement might have been too flaky, "arty" and idealistic. Nevertheless, i waited in anxiety.

And then i received an email saying that there had been a "change" to my application (all applications are done online and electronically here).

Shaking, i logged on to my application to find an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER from Glasgow University.

What. the. fuck.

i was stunned. You hear so much about entry into law school being competitive so how did i manage to slip through?! While it's true that in order to gain entry into the graduate programme (you must already have a Honours degree), you don't need to sit any tests as you do in Canada (see, "LSAT"). You just needed some decent grades, some dosh, and apparently a flaky and idealistic personal essay. However, since there is no bullshit LSAT test, i assumed that entry would be even MORE competitive since you're trying to woo them with JUST your marks and writing ability.

Marks and numbers can be analyzed and quantified but how do you measure passion, personal beliefs and ethics?

Anyway, last night i went to the open house for Graduate-entry law students at Glasgow University. i brought Paul along with me since he is currently finishing his last year having done the EXACT SAME programme but at Strathclyde. He would be behind enemy lines acting as my voice of reason. Staff and students spoke about the programme and it was quite inspiring. Over and over we were warned that it was hard work but worth it.

Next week, Strathclyde is holding an open house as well - which should be interesting considering that the programme is supposed to be just as good (if not better - or so i am told) as Glasgow BUT cheaper. Oh, and speaking of dosh, tuition is almost the same for me as an international student over here as it would be back in Canada. Actually, some law schools in Canada are still higher than over here (see Osgoode, U of T).

i still don't know what my plans are considering i am about to start an amazing new job at an arts organisation. It's hard to make life decisions when everything is going right (for once).


STAG said...

My business partner's daughter has just turned 20, and is flirting with the idea of University. How much more would it cost to go to University in Europe than in Canada?
(like, ballpark...grin!)

She keeps looking at Ottawa U, but nothing particularly interests her. However, her high school marks are awsome! She is bi-lingual, and so far, single!

Bobbyd said...

Ummm ... who the fuck are u ?