Thursday, March 22, 2007

i don't know why but today i've been feeling a bit home sick. It begrudges me to admit this but...i miss Toronto. There's no specific reason or event; i suppose i just miss it for sentimental purposes. Perhaps it's because there has been some "unofficial" talk of going back to visit in August, maybe it's because my brother and his partner are coming to visit in April, or maybe it's just because i'm missing decent nachos, coffee, falafels from Akram's in Kensington Market, cheap yummy sushi and the sweet potato fries at Mitzi's Sister.

Life is currently good in Glasgow - actually life is great just now - so i don't know why i'm feeling a bit homesick for Tdot. i'm probably just missing my coco baby, bitter queen, as well. i've just started a great job that i'm really enjoying and have a hot Scotsman as a boyfriend as well (whom i'm also enjoying. Ha!) so what the hell is with the homesick Toronto blues? i guess i just miss feeling like the whole world (or all of Canada, rather) revolves around my city. Maybe i am a true Torontonian to the core?

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Bobbyd said...

I miss you also coco .. especially last week when i was having a freakout at work. I needed my hag to make me a tuna fish sandwhich and engulf my hot wet farts.