Monday, March 05, 2007

i feel like i didn't even have a weekend; it went by too quickly.

Friday i took the day off work and dealt with pressing matters such as my hair. A couple weeks ago someone recommend that i check out this salon that shall remain nameless, and have my hair cut and coloured there rather than at my regular (and trusted) place.

It was the worst botched colouring job i have ever had.

i was so furious that i went back and spoke with the Manager of the famous salon (that has locations ALL across Glasgow) and showed him the awful job. Not surprisingly, he wasn't very helpful - in fact, he wasn't apologetic at all. He told me he would speak to the stylist and call me the next day. Except he didn't call me the next day so i called him. Again. And again. And again. Until he finally came to the phone to tell me that oh, he left a message on my mobile and didn't i get it?! Anyway, they sent me a cheque in the mail reimbursing me for the shitty colouring job.

i'm not normally a diva but shit, don't ever mess with a woman's hair.

So, Friday i had to go to my regular and amazing salon to have my colourist/stylist fix the entire thing for a mere price of £155 (OVER $300 Canadian). After court down south, Lawyer Boy met me at the salon and took me to lunch. Afterwards he went home to change while i made dinner for him at my flat.

Saturday afternoon, i had to rush off and meet Anna for lunch before heading North with my other friend, Kate, to visit our friend Lauren in Dundee. Lawyer Boy, who i will herein refer to as "Paul" because that is his name, had to meet his Dad as they were going to the Celtic football (soccer) game.Unflattering photo of Paul and i (and my new fabulous hair) in a black cab.

Saturday evening, Kate and i arrived in Dundee and were met by Lauren, who had prepared a huge meal for Kate and i and two other friends, Zoe and Ryan. After dinner Lauren bombarded us with cocktails galore wherein we proceeded to have important conversations regarding Christian Bale, decapitation, and abortion. Alas i was so exhausted from my previous evening, i fell asleep on the couch and drooled on myself. i'm an awful guest. At one point there was a lunar eclipse and i tried to take a photo of it but it didn't come out on my dodgy camera phone.
Lauren and Zoe, in Lauren's living room, drinking uber strong Cosmos.

Shitty photo of the lunar eclipse as seen from Lauren's living room.

Dundee - which, despite what you may have heard, is actually a quaint little town.

Sunday afternoon, Paul met me at the train station. After lunch we wandered around in the rain (awalys fun) before heading back to my flat to watch a semi-crappy art house Canadian film. Despite subjecting Paul to the warped Canadian film, he stayed for dinner before heading home as he had an early criminal defence lawyer thing in Edinburgh the next morning.

In other news, i am still craving some decent nachos.

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