Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dear Maryhill,

Firstly, i have to admit that "technically" i never actually lived in your scuzzy quarters. While it's true that i literally did live on the borderline, my post code was recognised as being in the "North Kelvinside" district:

South east of the barracks, on the remainder of the old Garrioch estate, are streets of more up-market red sandstone tenements that took the ‘posh’ name of North Kelvinside, to distinguish them from grubby old Maryhill. Garrioch Road seen here looking northwest linked the two. It was an old estate road that ran from Maryhill Road, with the barracks on one side and the railway on the other, before turning across the railway and becoming this residential street.

Nevertheless, dear Maryhill, i have come to appreciate your "charm" - and what charm it is! From the locals who chose to stand below my open bedroom window and scream at 4am in the summer to the local 14-year olds who ask me to buy them booze to the puddles of puked up curry and Buckfast on my front step to the miniature mountains of dog shit on my street; it's been a colourful year for the both of us! To be fair, i will miss catching sight of the junkies at the Maryhill "mall" and wondering how they manage to shop in between their heroin-induced nods.

And so, Mary, it's been lovely but i can't really say that i'll miss ya.

All my love and public drunkenness,



Cursed Tea said...

Are you going back across the pond? Or just movin to better part of Glesgae??

Curious (and nosey)

Jennifer said...


Just moving to another part of Glasgow - closer to the west end! I'm not sure but it might be considered Kelvingrove or Hillhead...?!

Squirmy Popple said...

I can't imagine why you'd want to leave Maryhill. I personally love seeing smashed Buckfast bottles on the sidewalk and my ever-so-dodgy neighbours.

I technically live in North Kelvinside also, but I can practically see Maryhill Road from my flat. Posh my ass.