Friday, April 27, 2007

i am going to settle this once and for all.

Look - i love Glasgow. i know that periodically i might rant and complain about the dog shit, litter and puke on the sidewalks and lack of city-wide recycling, but overall i adore this crazy place. As far as i see it, i must really love something to move away from Canada. Yes, i know such a statement echos haughtiness and goes against the traditional "humble Canadian" grain but dudes, sometimes it's just too hard to maintain when your country is voted the sixth best country in the world (alas, falling from FIRST PLACE from 1994 to 1999) by the United Nations Human Development Index.

A couple weeks ago i met up with some of my distant Scottish relatives (third cousins - i.e. my grandmother's cousins) and we remarked how funny it was that i was living in Glasgow. Funny because my Great-Poppy (their Uncle) was Glaswegian and hated this place. After emigrating to Canada, he pretty much swore the place off and only returned once in the 1970s. i'm sure he's rolling in his grave.

And so, although i remain a fervent Canadian and will always remain one, it looks as though i shall remain in this god-forsaken booze land indefinitely.*

*My initial plan was to maybe stay for one year - a due date which has come and gone - and seeing as i am having too much fun and disgustingly happy well, i have no choice but to stay.

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