Monday, April 02, 2007

i've been tagged by Katie to complete an expat Questionnaire:

5 things you love about your new country

1. The people

Scottish people truly are the most friendly and hospitable people i've encountered. Near strangers have welcomed me into their homes and offered me tea and biscuits; people i've just met have offered to help me; random Glaswegians talk to one another on the street and at bus stops.

2. The banter

"Wee beasties", "chin wag", "how no?", "weans", and "pished" - just to name a few.

3. The junk food

Tunnock's Tea Cakes, Scottish tablet, coconut ice, and irn bru.

4. The humour

Cutting, cynical, sometimes cruel but always fucking hilarious.

5. The Landscape

4 things you miss about your old country.

1. Friends and family
2. Toronto
3. Food in Toronto
4. Recycling

3 things that annoy you about your new country.

1. Lack of recycling
2. Littering (and general acceptance of such behaviour)
3. Sectarian violence and aggression / general violence and aggression

2 things that surprise you about your new country.

1. The general appreciation and overall acceptance of camp/gay performers like Will Young and the Scissor Sisters, openly embraced in pop culture and the general public, and yet an underwhelming homophobic current still runs through the Scottish psyche. Very very strange.

2. The amount of food that can be deep-fried and is.

1 thing that you'd really miss if you had to leave your new country.

1. Paul

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Squirmy Popple said...

I was also surprised by the amount of fried food in Scotland, particularly the fried Mars bar and fried pizza. It seems the general attitude is, "let's take something un-healthy and make it even less healthy." That being said, the fried Mars bar is actually pretty tasty.