Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So, my brother has arrived bringing his partner and gastrointestinal issues with him.

Sunday afternoon i went out to Glasgow Airport to meet them as they arrived from London; they had flown - FIRST CLASS - from Toronto to London and then transferred to another flight to Glasgow. They were lucky to be greeted by such a lovely sister and a gloriously warm and (rare) sunny day in Glasgow. After arriving at my flat, both Jason and his partner admitted that they were relieved by the place - fearing that i lived in a dump. I must say that i'm not entirely sure why they would assume such a situation. Perhaps my living standards fall far below their Egyptian cotton and duck down lifestyle - to which i am, quite honestly, jealous of. i suppose i take after my Father and i am just as happy to sleep on synthetic bed sheets as i am on silk....

We spent the afternoon wandering around shops in the city centre and finished the evening with a huge and delicious meal at my favourite Indian joint. Jason and Cameron were impressed with the Indian food. For all the things that you CAN get in Toronto, an outstanding Indian restaurant isn't one of them. It's true: Indian restaurants in Toronto are decent enough, i suppose, but there is nothing like the myriad of dishes and places as there are in Scotland.

Afterwards, of course, i was forced to suffer through the green wafts of my brother's indigestion. Evidently blood is thicker than his farts.


Cursed Tea said...

what's the indain you go to - my fav in the WORLD (and Glsgow is Mother India - blows my mind every time!)

your bruv's really lucky to see glasgea in the sun!!

Best Wishes

Jennifer said...


I LOVE Koh-i-noor on North Street, which is where i took them. i really want to try Mother India - the one on Argyle Street, right? I keep meaning to go but everytime I crave Indian, I somehow end up at Koh-i-noor!

Squirmy Popple said...

My favourite Indian restaurant in Glasgow is the Wee Curry Shop - both the one on Ashton Lane and the one on Bucclech Street are delicious.