Friday, May 18, 2007


i just received word this morning that my best pal, Bob (a.k.a. Bombo/Coco Baby/Bitter Queen) is coming to Glasgow for a week in June! BEST NEWS EVER! It will be his first time in the UK, although he has been to his "ancestral homeland" of Greece when he was around 10. So, it's about bloody time he makes it over here and get some culture!

Good luck getting through British customs with your creamy mocha skin and a name like CHARALAMBOS, bitch! Don't worry, i'll be there to claim your refugee ass at the airport!

i am so excited and literally have a grin from ear to ear. Finally! Someone with whom i can gawk at junkies and jakies with; someone whose Canadian sense of style will also be deeply offended by the outfits on parade in city centre on a typical Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

LOL we call Jake - jakie sometimes, didn't know there was a slang term for it LOL

Jennifer said...

Poor Jakie....If someone calls you that over here, you've been hitting the booze too much!