Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Here is what becomes of you when you're one of Scotland's greatest poets - memorialised as a garbage bin, as seen in Queen's Park.

After spending the afternoon at the Queen's Park Farmer's Market and feeding Scottish Tablet to squirrels (who fucking love that stuff, by the way), Paul's friend, Jamie, suggested that we head to the Burrell Collection as i had not been there in about 7 years. The museum and building itself are beautiful and home to a fair amount of Edgar Degas work. The museum itself is situated in a HUGE park - which Paul and i subsequently got lost in. While wandering around aimlessly, we asked an English man how to get to the actual collection. He informed us that we were still quite a few miles away, to which he must have heard my sigh of despair because a few moments later, he pulled up beside us in a car and offered us a ride.

Anyway, i took this photo because Paul and Jamie are so cute and look, they even dress alike.

This weekend, in the UK at least, was a long weekend and as such, most people had Monday off. Apparently the holiday is called May Day - which means that lots of unionists, hippies, working-class folk, Bob Dylan fans, communists, socialists and boozin' punters gather at a free venue with their kids, sip a pint of beer whilst their children have their face's painted and watch bands perform salsa and celtic music. So, i felt pretty much at home amongst the drinkin' Dylan fans and of course, had to alienate my fellow comrades by creating something straight out of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Paul, recognising someone he knew, introduced me to "John" - the head of an organisation dedicated to helping innocent people who have been wrongly imprisoned. "John" handed me a flyer, inviting us to a charity event to which i responded, "Ahh, they're all innocent, aren't they?!" thinking that i was being funny. Paul and John just glared at me. Sorry 'bout that. i guess the Larry David sense of humour doesn't bode well with the leftie crowds.

Afterwards, Paul and i met up with some of my friends to continue drinking to show our solidarity with our comrades.

It rained all day Monday and so, Paul and i were essentially held captive in my flat all day forced to watch all of Spaced Series 2 on dvd, while grimacing at Paul, who is probably the most messy eater i have ever met (even more so than Coco/Bitter Queen) which, really, demands a certain amount of respect.

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Squirmy Popple said...

I love the Robert Burns bin. Pure class.