Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Holy shit, did you all watch BBC's Panorama last night about Scientology - that bizarre/scary cult that parades itself as a "religion"? Cult, religion - whatever you want to call it, any fanatic frightens me; besides, didn't all religions once start as a "cult" at one point or another? Once you have let go of rational thought and given way to "any means necessary", or as Scientologists call it, "Fair Game", well, you're on your way down that long and twisty road of fanaticism.

Yeah, the BBC reporter/journalist, John Sweeney, totally lost his shit and cool on the Scientology spokesperson - creepy Tommy Davis who eerily looks like Tom Cruise circa Risky Business - but who could blame him? I scream like a banshee anytime Tom Cruise so much as appears on my TV screen. Which is why i love most British media: they have balls and aren't afraid to ask questions, even if it means sacrificing the proverbial stiff upper lip.

BBC journalists: 1
Scientologists: 0


Anonymous said...

My dad got he hooked to British Telly when I was a kid. Love that clip, good for him for having so much passion on what he reports on. LOL Wish I could of seen the rest of it :)

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