Friday, June 15, 2007

"Coke is the New Weed"

Last night was bizarre.

After spending a nice (albeit fucking baltic) day in Edinburgh with Bob, we headed back to Glasgow to meet Paul and go to the Glasgow Art School final year show. After spending about an hour wandering around the beautifully designed Charles Rennie Mackintosh building and bumping into Paul's ex, Paul, Bob, and i left for dinner. Since our usual haunt was PACKED, we headed off to another restaurant just down the street, which was meant to be quite good.

Arriving at the restaurant, we discovered it was quite packed as well, this time with a wedding party that seemed to consist of extras from The Sopranos - that is, if the show was set in Glasgow, if you catch my drift.

Resigning ourselves to the knowledge that we were just going to have to eat our dinner amongst Glasgow's finest, i wandered off to the washroom. And so, as i was going about my "business", i heard two girls' voices in the cubicle a couple down from mine. The strange thing, however, was that they were both in the same cubicle and NOT ONLY talking about coke but fucking snorting it too. Strange because i would have thought that they heard me come in and such. It wasn't until AFTER i flushed that they suddenly hushed and whispered that someone else (i.e. me) was amongst them. It didn't, however, stop them from loudly hoovering up big fat ski bumps while i washed my hands.

Taking a seat back at the table, i was honestly quite disturbed. At first i couldn't really put my finger on it but after thinking about it (a lot), i now can. See, the thing is A LOT of people in Glasgow (and perhaps the UK) do coke and as such, people are quite blase about it.

Coke is the new weed. No longer is there a stigma attached to snorting a line of coke in public; and yet meth continues to carry one. What's the difference?

This isn't some anti-drug War on Drugs propaganda - i just don't understand why or when the Glaswegian public view shifted. i don't understand how the middle classes will demand fair trade organic coffee from Waitrose/Whole Foods, but will happily snort a fucking gram of coke that has Latin American blood all over it.

i suppose i should reveal that i've never done coke, will never do coke and frankly, don't understand why anyone would want to do coke. Why would i want to take some stimulant that superficially inflates my ego - how pathetic do you think i am?! Why would i want to take a drug that turns me even more into an asshole who thinks that every word coming out of my mouth is divine revelation?!

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Mummy Dearest said...

I had a similar experience once, but it was someone shooting heroin in a rest stop on the side of the highway. Totally weird, them just sitting there, out in the open, as if they were just sipping a cup of tea. I suppose they thought they were safe because it was night and rest stops have a sketchy reputation anyways...