Friday, June 22, 2007

I Hate Royal Mail and Royal Mail Hates Me

Photo taken by Bob/Coco Baby in Fort William

According to news wires today, Royal Mail are set to strike next week. That's funny because based on my already sporadic mail delivery, you would think that they already are. Unfortunately i am an immigrant (from a first world country, no less) and as such, i have experienced efficient and effective mail delivery. i don't know if it's because this is Europe and therefore more people are "laid back" (read: lazy and apathetic), but i cannot tolerate their (lack of) services. Even though i have lived in the UK for well over a year now (and getting used to shitty service), i'm still amazed at their lack of customer service.

Only in the UK would a company (Royal Mail) offer a service "guaranteeing" delivery of your mail ("recorded delivery"); hello?! It's your fucking job to deliver my mail! And it wouldn't be so bad except they charge you DOUBLE the rate and because delivery is notorious for being so fucking shit, most people opt to send post by recorded delivery!

What a fucking swindle!

I say to the people of the UK, you have already privatised public transport allowing companies to compete for the market, why not the post? Because if i "lose" one more DVD or REALLY IMPORTANT LETTER from the bank, i might just go postal.

p.s. Sorry for all the swearing, Mom.


Squirmy Popple said...

Our mail goes missing everyone once in a while, and I always blame it on our dodgy neighbours. However, I'm starting to think that Royal Mail might have had something to do with it...

Jennifer said...

Hard to say in Maryhill, really. Could be dodgy neighbours or it could be Royal Mail postman stealing your DVDs that you ordered from! Bastards!

Anonymous said...

you post stuff that not Ebay? wowzers!

Jennifer said...