Thursday, June 07, 2007

Saw this graffiti (statement?) on my way to work this morning. Scots indeed!

i chuckled to myself because just the other day i asked Paul, "why are there so many fucking English people in Scotland?!" To which he replied, "you sound like my Grandfather".

Not that i have anything against English people - not at all. Some of my closest friends are English - not to mention that the arts sector in Scotland is practically run by English folks as well. No, i was merely pissed off because on that infamous day when i asked Paul my rhetorical question, i was completely cut off by some English dude on my lunch break. See, i was doing some shopping in a tiny cafe and this HUGE bloke was bent over, investigating yogurt, wherein i kindly said "excuse me" to try and move past his ass that was sticking out, blocking the aisle. He just ignored me and i had to squeeze past his big ol' Anglosaxon butt.

While standing in line to pay for our food, the dude and his butt stood behind me and started chatting to his "mate". i gathered he was English because he was yammering away and i heard his accent. i quietly seethed in my passive-aggressive Canadian way but quickly got over it (obviously).

Yes, i know it's wrong to generalise and make sweeping statements about a nation of people. i guess the person who wrote "Scots not Brits" on the side of the garbage bin was tired of getting blocked by big ol' English butts too.

Nevertheless, it cheered me out of my angry mood (only a wee bit) this morning. i am seething (it's something i picked up from the year and a bit i have lived here) because the Ottawa Senators lost the Stanley Cup last night - lost to a FUCKING TEAM FROM CALIFORNIA (?!!!) WHO ARE NAMED AFTER A FUCKING DISNEY FILM!!!!!!!!!!!


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