Friday, June 29, 2007

Today Has Gone To Shit and It's Only Noon

Woke up this morning already angry because it was, yet again, raining! You may have heard that parts of England are suffering from torrential rain. Scotland, however, has just been experiencing non-stop rain (not torrential; just constant) and bloody freezing temperatures. Where is summer already?

Turn on BBC Breakfast for the news and make myself a cup of tea. My flat smells like vinegar due to a leaking water container (long story) and i notice that mould has started to grow on my carpet due to leaking water tank and constant moist spot.

Watch the news and learn that more people want to bomb London. "Oh, piss off", i think, "fucking terrorists can fuck right off". i don't live in London (shout out to Glasgow!) so admittedly, i'm not that paranoid. Just annoyed more than anything. Due to our desensitised attitude towards bombs and blowing people up, i think "terrorists" need to start getting more creative. How about performing Seppuku in Trafalgar Square? Or flaying themselves alive in Piccadilly Circus? That would DEFINITELY get our jaded attention. No more of this blowing other people up bullshit.

Come to work and read the Canadian news online to find out one of my favourite CBC personalities, Andy Barrie, has early-stage Parkinson's. Shit.

Did i mention that postal workers are on strike today? To be honest, us in Scotland probably won't even notice disruption to our regular service because it's not like we got any anyway.


Mo said...

You should have taken a trip to the east of Scotland. We had beautiful sunshine on Friday! Fish and chips sitting at the harbour in Anstruther at 5pm. I even got a sunburnt face from being out on the water!

Jennifer said...

Seeing the sun? A sunburn?! What's that like? I can't even remember what it feels like to feel the warm sun on my skin!