Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's been an eventful weekend in Glasgow.

Early Saturday afternoon, Paul and i were in the midst of our ritual: drinking tea, reading the Guardian, and goofing around. As i was getting ready to finally venture outside for groceries, Paul went online to read the news just after 3.00pm. Paul called me into the living room and told me that someone had driven a blazing car into Glasgow International Airport. i was confused. Glasgow? Glasgow, Scotland!?

And so, we turned on the news and as events unfolded, i turned to Paul and said, "there is no way they are Glaswegian or Scottish". Although there is a large Asian community in Glasgow (the suspects had been described as Asian), i just knew they were not local. Firstly, Glaswegians just can't be arsed. If it doesn't involve football, mocking the English and/or alcohol, forget it; Glaswegians aren't interested. Secondly, Glaswegians tend to stick to the random casual violence that is more widely embraced by this culture.

Take for example, John Smeaton - a Glaswegian airport worker at scene of the attack:

See? After wrestling one of the would-be terrorists to the ground, he does what any decent Glaswegian would do. Kick fuck out of them.

Today as Paul and i walked back to my flat after an aborted game of tennis (it was raining), we noticed cop cars, cops, and said cops barricading the end of my street. As you may have heard, the UK is on "Critical Alert" - meaning another attack is thought to be imminent. As such, what would have been considered an empty kebab wrapper just 2 nights ago, is now a "suspicious package".

This is the view from my flat:

In other (shitty) news, my favourite shop, Fopp, the Scottish record/dvd/book store, closed its doors on ALL of its 81 stores across the UK, leaving most of its workers UNPAID. Not only is this shit news for people who shopped there for it's CHEAP prices, but it will also have a ripple effect on all the smaller music labels that were supported by Fopp.


Unknown said...

I see you couldn't resist getting in that you were right about them not being Scottish!

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog, I feel you are quite racist and judgemental about the Glaswegian population. This is unfair, there's no need to paint everyone with the same brush. Try finding hospitality like Glasgow's anywhere else!

Jennifer said...

Fuck you, anonymous. Get a grip (and sense of humour).

Also, Glaswegians aren't a race - they're part of a nationality. Fucker.

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