Monday, July 23, 2007

News comes today that heroin treatment in Scotland are at record levels. According to statistics:

"About 21,000 people are now said to use heroin substitute methadone - 10% more than previously thought - with a third of them caring for children under 16"

Ever since living in Parkdale, Toronto (home to a lot of marginalised and poverty-stricken populations) and witnessing people not only selling crack cocaine but those also abusing it, i became curious as to why certain drugs seemed to take hold over specific populations. Towards the end of my time spent in Parkdale, it seemed more and more people were using crystal meth. This, of course, was based on my own observations of people tweaking out along the main drag of Queen Street West.

So why does it seem as if heroin has such a strong hold over Scottish drug users? Why heroin and not say, crystal meth - which is virtually still rare in Scotland. Is it supply? For example, apparently it was once near impossible to get pot in Scotland. Hash - no problem - but apparently marijuana was rare.

However, for all the alleged junkies in Scotland, i've yet to see anything as bad as the east end of Vancouver.

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