Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Photo: Todd Heisler/New York Times

There's an interesting article from the July 8th edition of the New York Times entitled, Terror in Glasgow? Scots are Perplexed. Below the bold print headline is a cheeky photograph of last weekend's Orange Walk, which I previously posted about; I fear, however, that the irony of the seemingly random photograph, is lost on the general American public. To summarise, the New York Times article states that in the past, Glasgow was sparred terrorist tactics by the IRA believing Scotland to be under English control as well. In addition, the article also notes that Scots have tradionally seen themselves as minorities and therefore more open to embracing other minorities and their cultures. I would have to admit with the authors' opinions because personally, and I have said this a hundred times now, I find Glaswegians to be aggressively friendly. That is, Weegies will make a forceful effort to engage you in a conversation - and you better well fuckin' reply!

Speaking of the Orange Walk last Saturday, Paul and I (myself more reluctantly) made a decision to avoid the walk at all costs. As I said to Paul, the whole notion of an "Orange Walk" is completely foreign to me and I was curious to have a look. Paul vehemently told me not to go but of course, me being the flaky and clueless foreigner, persisted that I should go and take photos because it would be a unique experience.

Paul just glared at me.

And so, we didn't go.

However, later in the evening as we headed to dinner, Paul and I heard a distant banging of drums and random yelps. As we turned down the street to the restaurant, we came head-to-head with the tail end of an Orange Walk and the drunk troglodytes that trail alongside them. And so, after witnessing the intoxicated stragglers brandishing Union Jack flags, I admit it: PAUL, YOU WERE RIGHT - they are best to be avoided. I'm sorry for being a stubborn and clueless foreigner. When in doubt, always refer to your local Weegie who has your best interests at heart. ♥

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Thanks for being magnanimous! x