Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Can't Go Home Again

In exactly one month, Paul and i will be going back to Canada for a "holiday"; how much of a holiday can you have in your native country and hometown though? Paul has never been to Canada and i'm quite looking forward to showing him my beloved country. Nevertheless, it will be nice to see friends, family, and of course, drink as much Tim Hortons coffee as humanely possible. Oh, how i have been craving a large double-double!

It's funny because i currently fluctuate between missing home so goddamn much and yet being completely in love with Scotland. When i think of the possibility of never living in Canada again, i feel sad and terrified. Likewise, when i imagine going back to Canada, i feel i would be giving up so much. Which is why, i suppose, i try not to think about it too much. i'm here for now and i couldn't be any happier.

i felt a wee pang for home today when a fellow-Canadian co-worker, just returning from holiday in Montreal, brought me back a bag of Montreal bagels! Who knew pieces of dough could bring such joy. After living for one and a half years amongst shitty imitation "New York Style" bagels (when New York bagels are shit to BEGIN WITH) , i am deliriously happy to just SMELL Montreal bagels.

i also got word today that in September, the BBC will be sending me down to London for 3 days for an induction. Finally after living in the UK for over a year, i will get to see London.


Squirmy Popple said...

I have to disagree that New York bagels are shit. I am a big fan of New York bagels. That being said, I've never had a Montreal bagel. Maybe I'll go to Canada one day to try one.

Jennifer said...

Ok, perhaps "shit" was too harsh.

Funny story about bagels though: Mel Brooks was originally going to film "The Producers", the film, in Toronto. The Toronto bagels, however, were apparently so atrocious, that he moved production back to NYC.

Truth be told, i find Toronto/New York bagels to be too doughy and bland. Montreal bagels and thinner, sweeter and as they are made in wood-burning ovens, they have a delicious roast-y sense to them.

Man, i could go on and on about those thing of beautys!

STAG said...

We have Kettleman's here in Ottawa. Like single malt Scotch, the quality varies dramatically from batch to batch. Sometimes they are better than Montreal bagels, and sometimes they are no better than Toronto bagels. But the wood burning oven and sesame seeds do seem to help!

If you are in Toronto during the last two weekends of August and Labour Day, the Pirate Festival is on at Fort York. I find it to be a fun show.