Thursday, August 16, 2007

Putting the Hipsters in Their Place

Apologies - this post will only be of interest to those in Toronto and/or those that have ever read Now Magazine. And perhaps to some Prince fans.

In this week's Letters to the Editors, a dude named Paul Bellini writes:

When I saw that your music critic awarded Prince's Planet Earth one N (NOW, July 26-August 1), I rushed out to get it. I wasn't surprised to discover that it is Prince's most entertaining record since Sign O' The Times.

Although I haven't heard Prince's new album, which was free last month in the Daily Mail, I think that Prince doesn't get enough credit these days from hipsters. In fact, I used to be one of those obnoxious hipsters who thought that if it wasn't reviewed on Pitchfork Media, then it wasn't worth my listen. Of course, I allowed myself to enjoy trashy pop music "ironically". I was shamed into hiding my love for Madonna, Ani Difranco, and The Tragically Hip because they weren't seen as being "cool" by my fellow indie friends / boyfriend at the time.

Whatever. I now unapologetically embrace my CD collection.

Anyway, back to Prince.

A couple years ago, my brother and I bought tickets for our Mom on Mother's Day, to go see Prince. My Mom loves Prince and beyond that, I never really gave him much thought. So, when the concert date finally rolled around, my Mom and I went to go see Prince at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and oh my god, it was totally amazing. It was one of the best concerts I had been to in a long time.

The dude may be pushing 50, but he can still totally rock out in his diamond-encrusted heels.


Anonymous said...

Paul Belinni is a writer...who was made famous on Kids in the Hall when he would run on screen in just a towel and his hairy back!!!


sakisister xo

Jennifer said...

THAT Paul Bellini..?! That would account for the hilarious letter then!