Thursday, September 20, 2007

I got back from London last night and never thought I would be so relieved to see the familiar grey sky of Glasgow. Not that I didn't like London - quite the opposite, in fact; I was just feeling rather homesick after two intensive days of training and inductions. As such, I didn't get to see much of London - apart from the glimpses of Hyde Park from my hotel room and coach bus. I did, however, manage to get out to Soho to meet up with friends from Glasgow for drinks on Monday night though.

It's weird but most people in London dress like they are in a band - or are A & R reps. Yeah, yeah, London is cool and it's such a great city, blah blah blah. London just felt like another country and I suppose it is: England. The buildings looked different (brighter, cleaner) the people seemed more ethnically diverse, and they all sounded strange (English).

One of the more interesting aspects of my trip down south, was meeting other people - most of whom were London-based and English. What was interesting, in fact, was hearing some of their uncensored views of Glasgow and "the locals". Most seem confused by my love and adoration of Glasgow. Isn't it full of drugs and crime, they asked? Aye, I suppose it is, LIKE ANY MAJOR CITY. One posh English woman asked if I had trouble understanding "the locals". Once they manage to pry the Buckfast from their scabby lips, I don't! I suppose they viewed me not as a "local" but as an outsider, thereby allowing their truer beliefs to come through.

I suppose that after two days of explaining that I live in Glasgow, and actually loving it, I was sick of people telling me HOW! GREAT! LONDON! IS! It was refreshing to meet up with my Glasgow friends - especially Laurie, who wasn't entirely taken with that notion.

Recognise this set? Oh hey, it's the 10 0'clock news desk.

Pub in Soho - The Toucan. We spent far too many hours in here talking about pooping your pants.

Me, Mark (as previously written about) and recently-relocated Glaswegian, Laurie!

Krazee eyez Killah!

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Pascale Clerk said...

In France also, most people think nothing happens outside London, which is supposed to sum up the whole of the UK -or England I should say, it amounts to the same in their view. Fortunately Glasgow has some strong supporters. Keep up the good work !