Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If you have any interest in Glasgow, whatsoever, you absolutely NEED to watch this 25 minute documentary. If you live in Glasgow, you have no other excuse NOT to watch it other than just being a lazy bastard. It's astonishing to see what Glasgow used to look like and what life was like in the early 80s; it's unbelievable how far Glasgow has come and yet, how little has changed in the cycle of poverty.

Anyway - great wee documentary from (now ITV) London Weekend Television. Thanks to Paul for pointing it out. It should also be noted that alcohol is now banned from sporting games in Scotland.

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Anonymous said...

I am Glaswegian and despise sectarianism (like most Glaswegians).

One important inaccuracy in the documentary that I feel should be pointed out to people watching it today, though - it states that Rangers' scouts looked for talent in Protestant schools, but there is/was no such thing!