Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So i am back in Glasgow, and back to work. It was very strange to board a plane Saturday evening and arrive Sunday morning in Glasgow, back to my flat.

Our holiday was fantastic and I'm glad that Paul got to experience the vast extremities that is Canada: from lounging on a beach in Southern Ontario to walking on a glacier that is 5 times the size of Manhattan and 1200 feet thick - all the while snowing.

I will miss watching Paul as he hesitates to cross the street - still adjusting to the fact that pedestrians have the right of way in Canada. Or looking perplexed as cars stopped in the middle of the road, allowing us to jaywalk. In the UK, people actually speed up while you cross the street.

And what extremities there are in Glasgow; walking to work yesterday morning, through a traditionally "rough" and dodgy area (Govan), I saw the above building. I have no idea why, but part of the wall has been removed, exposing the office inside. Talk about a view!

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