Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All My Friends Are Getting Married and I'm Just Getting Drunk
Last night, I went to an absolutely stunning, beautiful, and intimate wedding: my friends' Mike and Erica. Of course, I forgot to bring my (Paul's) camera and of course, like all great weddings, I can't really remember the last 30 minutes of it (see: champagne)!
I'm so annoyed that I forgot to bring a camera and take pictures because it was held at the gorgeous Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed venue, House for an Art Lover.

Nevertheless, here is a photo I managed to take with my mobile:

What can I say? I really loved the lights in the dining room.

Since I forgot to take pictures, I have conveniently right-clicked and saved my friend, Lauren's, pictures.

The newly-married Erica and Mike! Notice Erica's lovely flowers (calla lilies) and wedding dress - which her mother made.

Do you know why I love my friends? Because Erica walked down the aisle to the Top Gun Anthem! You remember it, right?

The wedding party.

The Boys (from left to right): Matt, Mike (a.k.a Green and Brown), Tim, Mark, Laurie, Iain (a.k.a. hairy Iain), and Robert (a.k.a. Dr Bob).

Ok, seriously, dudes - are we not a good looking group of friends? Where's our fucking TV show already?! (from left to right: me, hairy Iain, Kate, Ally, Tom, Erica - the Bride, Mike - the Groom, Laurie, Mark, Tim, Robert, and lovely Lauren)

No, seriously - look at 'em strike a pose! Laurie is totally rocking out and feeling the moment and Kate is all modelesque. The newly weds can be seen in the background supporting one another after ripping up on the tiles on the dance floor.

This is Matt and Lauren - again, Scottish people that are just too attractive for their own good. Lauren lived in Toronto for a year and was once my date to a Canadian TV awards thing; very cosmopolitan!

Kate, Lauren, and Laurie.

This is possibly the grossest picture of myself ever. See that big glass of wine in front of me? That's what lubricates your sense of dignity and you suddenly start thinking that it would be funny to chew up a bunch of nacho chips and show Lauren the results. Anyway, I think it's fairly self-evident how much I hate myself 'cause I am posting this picture! And it's funny. And Paul does not look amused in the picture at all.

And then Laurie had some sort of sock mishap...

Anyway, BEST. WEDDING.EVER. And if Erica wasn't going to become a lawyer, I would recommend a career change to wedding planner 'cause girl has got "the eye"!

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